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Prime Minister Christopher Luxon took a moment from his busy schedule during his visit to Whanganui on the 26 April to engage with local innovators at Fleet Line Markers...

The event, hosted by Whanganui Collegiate, saw a gathering of notable figures including Luxon himself and local MP Carl Bates.

The afternoon kicked off with a presentation by Fleet Line Markers CEO, John Carr, who unveiled upcoming innovations set to revolutionize the line marking community. The three key innovations highlighted were the partnership with an Orchard based in Hastings, their involvement in community projects which aim to rejuvenate local community basketball courts and have now become a guideline for others across New Zealand and Australia and of course introducing the latest member of the Fleet family - the Robot!

CEO Carr's presentation shed light on the transformative potential of these initiatives, emphasizing their role in fostering community engagement and driving technological advancement.

Luxon, alongside local MP Bates, expressed keen interest in the projects, recognizing their significance and the impact they could have both nationally and overseas. Luxon had the opportunity to witness firsthand the fruits of Fleet Line Markers' hard work as he stepped onto the field to observe the Robot in action. Painted with custom-made 'National Blue' paint for the lines, the Robot showcased its precision and efficiency in line marking, a testament to the ingenuity of the engineering talent and the impact partnerships between small town businesses can have when they work together. The presence of the teams from Metalform and Wrybill Robotics highlighted the collaborative effort behind Fleet Line Markers' success and exemplified the spirit of innovation driving the Whanganui community forward.

Not content with merely observing, Luxon eagerly took the reins and had a turn controlling the Robot himself. His hands-on experience highlighted the intuitive design and user-friendly interface of the Robot, leaving a lasting impression on all present.

As Luxon concluded his visit, he commended Fleet Line Markers for their dedication to excellence and their commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation. With promising partnerships on the horizon and cutting-edge technologies at their disposal, the future looks bright for both Fleet Line Markers and the wider Whanganui community.


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