Fleet Line Marker Drone Shot At Whanganui Collegiate School



Fleet Colour XS Grass Line Marking Paint

If you can believe it the mind can achieve it

Fleet Line Markers, a seasoned manufacturer of line marking paint and machinery with over 70 years of successful operation in England, the birthplace of Rugby, Netball, and Cricket, has been a cornerstone in shaping the sports culture. Fleet Line Markers Australasia, established in 2000 by John Carr, is driven by a commitment to elevating sporting experiences and fostering connections within local communities.

If you can believe it, the mind can achieve it. This mantra echoes through the very essence of Fleet Line Markers, as it aligns with their dedication to innovation and excellence. The line marking paint, manufactured on-site in Whanganui since the inception of Fleet Line Markers Australasia, has been underfoot for countless memorable sporting moments.

Fleet Quality Control Paint Lab

Work Hard, Dream Big

At the forefront of our commitment to excellence, we make substantial investments in research and development keeping us at the cutting edge of technology, underscoring our dedication to advancing quality and minimizing environmental impact of our line marking paint & machinery. Work Hard Dream Big - this ethos permeates our business, inspiring a culture of innovation and perseverance.

With us, you can rest assured that your line marking not only looks impressive today but also carries a commitment to sustainability and responsible practices, ensuring there are no hidden costs tomorrow. We believe in dreaming big, working hard, and painting a future that seamlessly blends aesthetics with environmental responsibility.

about create

"No-one is bigger than the broom" - Robert Bartley

At Fleet Line Markers, we believe that in the world of creation, no-one is bigger than the broom. Our line marking solutions are crafted with meticulous attention, transforming every field into a canvas of excellence. Whether you're an individual at the grassroots level embarking on a new journey or someone at premier stadiums refining existing skills, trust Fleet Line Markers to support you in crafting the perfect lines that define quality and durability for people across all levels of sports.

At Fleet, we understand that no task is too small, exemplified by our commitment to excellence at every level of our business.

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To be a successful person surround yourself with successful people

At Fleet Line Markers, our commitment to excellence extends beyond providing top-notch products to our diverse clientele, ranging from grassroots facilities to the world's premier stadiums. To be a successful person, surround yourself with successful people - this philosophy resonates in our approach as we assure our customers of unwavering product support and straightforward advice throughout the year.

Today, our dedicated efforts are geared towards maintaining the highest standards in offering an extensive, cost-effective, and high-quality paint and machinery range. By aligning ourselves with the success-oriented mindset, we strive to be the trusted partner you can rely on for all your line marking needs.

Welcome to Team Fleet.