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The Design for the Castlecliff Domain Basketball Court is out!

The design for the Castlecliff Domain basketball court is out! Planned for Labour weekend next month!

The design for the Castlecliff Domain basketball court is out! Planned for Labour weekend next month!

The basketball court at Castlecliff was rejuvenated last year and it is increasingly heavily used. Further collaboration between business and community will see it stepped up a level in October when it will become both Aotearoa’s most stunning basketball court -and one of Whanganui’s biggest artworks.

Artist Mike Marsh describes the design
"The final basketball court design for the Castlecliff Park is inspired by an amalgamation of design elements submitted by local tamariki.

The design is oriented to reflect its environment giving expression to O’Kupe’s important position at the mouth of Te Awa Tupua. It includes the Maunga, the Awa, the Moana with te Rā and te Marama. The design also uses rainbow colours to reflect inclusivity and diversity. The design encourages all members of our community to feel included and responsible for this area and the well-being and safety of all who use it."

Jodie Brunger, Sport Whanganui Active Communities Manager says
“The court design will be a fantastic complement to the hoops that were installed last December.

We look forward to continuing to support the ongoing development at the park into the future.”

The design followed an open design competition that attracted over 30 entries. A panel of Anique Jayasinghe (WDC Creative Communities) and Eden Waitai (Progress Castlecliff) assisted Mike Marsh (artist) in interpreting the submissions into the design.

The exceptional number and quality of submitted designs from Castlecliff School was recognised at last Fridays assembly with Eden Waitai for Progress Castlecliff, James Barron for Ngā Ringaringa Waewae & Sport Whanganui presenting the school with a custom black & gold CASTLECLIFF basketball. Over 40 additional balls from a sponsor will be provided to both Castlecliff Primary other schools in the suburb. All entrants will also have their names on a plaque on the court.

Jamie Waugh (Ngā Ringaringa Waewae) says of recent engagement with Castlecliff Schools & Kura
“It has been a privilege learning from tamariki in Castlecliff,

seeing their passion for their place, and their excitement for an abundant future at O’Kupe- Mouri Ora, Mouri Awa, Mouri Tangata”

Caleb Gray, Chief Operating Officer at Fleet Line Marking NZ/AU says
“Te Kaihau O Kupe / Castlecliff is where we are based and painting sports grounds is our passion at Fleet so we're stoked to see the final design and look forward to making it happen"
James Barron says
“The generator of this idea and our principal sponsor is Fleet Line Marking who are based right here in Castlecliff.

Caleb and team are simply awesome to work with. The WDC led Whanganui Creative Communities team responsible for Arts Council funding have also been exceptional in their support and constructive advice. Encouragement to do more like trial painting the skate bowl and bringing back the graffiti/ideas boards used when the skate bowl was inaugurated in 2006 has been awesome.

Council Parks & Infrastructure teams also deserve credit for being a huge part of “Power Up the Park” with many various upgrades like the new slide delivered and shelters and Seafront Road traffic calming to come while we’re working towards the main goal of park lighting and other upgrades. Deserving special mention are locals Amo Moniosea and Eden Waitai for being the voice the enthuastic users of the court and bowl and who continue to drive this mahi by speaking up, working hard and showing Council (and all of us) the opportunities we have to make the most of our wonderful coastal park.”

It is hoped to start with start on Monday 16th October with waterblasting, Paint Wednesday & Thursday, allow 3 days drying & hardening time and have a community day to celebrate on Monday 23rd (Labour day). These dates may move as the preparation and installation of this approx. 500m2 artwork is no small task and is weather dependant. More details especially on community day events will be available in early October.


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