Kombi Classic

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The Kombi Classic gives crisp and well defined lines with each mark. The adjustable, tool-less quick fit wheeled knib means the Kombi Classic can be used on a variety of sports surfaces such as natural grass, concrete, asphalt, wood, artificial grass, rubber track and EPDM straight out of the box.

After marking, the knib can be lifted off and situated on to the bonnet’s tapered stem for easy transportation. Heavy-duty, adjustable stainless steel handle bars to suit all user heights along with an anchor point to make marking circles easy and hassle free.

When used with Fleet’s range of marking liquid there is no need for external mixing: the paint disperses into the water immediately in the 25 litre tank. At the end of the day’s marking, and just a flick of a switch, the Kombi flushes clean water, drawn from its rear water tank, through the nozzle assembly, thus eliminating expensive pump and nozzle blockages.

  • 1.5 up to 6” line marking width.
  • 25 litre paint tank.
  • 5 litre water tank.
  • Centre or side marking.
  • SLA battery.
  • Stainless steel chassis.
  • Diaphragm pump.
  • LRR non-puncture tyres.

Surfaces that the Kombi marks extremely well: Grass, Sand filled synthetic turf, Sand based synthetic turf, Rubber crumb based synthetic turf, Red gra, Black ash, Concrete and tarmac. 12 month warranty.



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Fleet paint and machinery is designed from the ground up to make line marking as easy, fast and cost-effective as possible.


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Kombi Classic

All Fleet line marking machinery is assembled in New Zealand to the highest standard. We’re proud to represent sport from small clubs to international stadiums around New Zealand and the world.

Eco Friendly

Fleet buckets are made from 100% recycled plastic and can be recycled after use, All of our products are made with sustainability in mind.