American Football Field

American Football is a distinct type of football developed by the United States in the 19th Century. The object of the game is for a team to carry, kick or pass the ball into the opponent’s end zone to score.

Pitch Measurement: 360ft (110m) long by 160ft (48.8m) wide.

Goal Lines: 30ft (9.1m) from the end lines on both sides of the field, leaving the 300ft (91.4)dimension at the centre. The goal lines mark off the entrances to the end zones and may be of contrasting colours.

Yardlines: Marked at 5yrd (4.6m) intervals, parallel to the end zones.

Sideline Hashmarks: Marked with 2ft (61cm) lines, 6” (15cm) inside the sidelines. 1yrd (91cm) apart.

Infield Hashmarks: Marked 70ft 9” (20.96m) from the sidelines, the lines are marked 2ft (60cm) long. These lines align with the upright edges of the goalposts, are marked 1yrd (0.9144m) apart and are mandatory. A 2ft (60cm) hash mark is marked over every yard line parallel to the sidelines.

Conversion Spot (Line): Marked at the 3yd line, directly in the middle of the field 2ft (61cm) long with equal measurements on either side.

Field Yard Line Numbers: Marked 9yrds (8.23m) from the sidelines and 1ft (0.3m) from yard lines and measure 6ft (1.83m) high by 4ft (1.22m) wide.

Directional Arrows: Are permitted next to the field numbers (except 50) and are to point in the direction of the opponents goal line. The base of the arrow is 4” (10cm) from the top of the number and the head of the arrow is a triangle with a 18”(46cm) base and two sides 36” (91cm) long.

Coaching Area: 6ft (1.83m) from the sideline between the 25yd or 30yrd lines extending 24ft (7.32m). A solid white area or diagonal white lines are recommended or it can be marked distinctly for use of coaches.

Limit Lines: 6ft (1.83m) from the sidelines and endlines. These lines are marked 6ft (1.83m) long and may be yellow.

Goalposts: Consist of two 20ft vertical poles 4” wide. They are placed 18’6” apart (inside to inside) on a horizontal crossbar that is 10’ above the ground.

Colour: Most of the lines are white, (exceptions explained above). Logos and other decorative markings are allowed within the end zones, not closer than 4yrds (1.22m) to any line. Contrasting colouring in the end zones may abut any line. Decorative material is permissible within the sidelines and between goal lines, but shall not efface yard lines, goal lines or side lines.

Line Width: 4in (10cm) in width. Except for the side lines and end lines which may exceed 4in (10cm) in width.

N.B. In NCAA rules the 5yrd lines are not marked the width of the pitch.