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Size: 10 Litres
Colour: Black

Pickup available at 20 Hinau St

Usually ready in 24 hours

Blinder is our flagship paint. Developed and manufactured with only the highest quality materials. Blinder has a shining reputation and is the go-to for most of New Zealand’s greatest sporting venues as well as many across the globe. 

  • Available In White, Black and our new Blinder Red.
  • Designed For Grass Surfaces.
  • Spray and wheel-to-wheel Application.
  • Industry leading dilution rate: 6:1 to 14:1.

Ideally suited for spraying machines like the Kombi Classic, Orange, Beam Rider or MAQA. Blinder can also be used for transfer wheel marking. The product is used at all levels from grass roots to professional stadia, along with schools, universities, local authorities etc.

Blinder has a super bright finish in white and great coverage that has out performed all competitors concentrates tested in the Fleet laboratories and in the field. Blinder is available in 10 litre buckets, 200 litre drums and 1000 litre multifills.

Dilution Details

Fleet recommend diluting Blinder at 6:1 (water:paint) for initial mark and up to 14:1 for overmarking. As with our other concentrated paints, Blinder disperses easily when added to water in the Kombi saving time and potential problems over mixing.

Safety Information

Save Money & Time

Fleet paint and machinery is designed from the ground up to make line marking as easy, fast and cost-effective as possible.


Our proactive Sales Team are only a phone call or email away, we want to make Line Marking easy for you. we have all of the answers.

Fleet Blinder

No matter age or ability, great lines matter to every athlete. Line mark twice as many fields with the same amount of paint. 1 x 10L bucket makes up to 150L of line marking Paint.

Eco Friendly

Fleet buckets are made from 100% recycled plastic and can be recycled after use, All of our products are made with sustainability in mind.

Sport creates good people and great leaders. Blinder is the line to success.